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[r378] (910 Bytes) by aliazzz

Fixed Ticket 42/37

FB_TestResults, replaced;
57 IF StoringTestSuiteResultNumber = GVL_CfUnit.NumberOfInitializedTestSuites AND
58 GVL_CfUnit.TestSuiteAddresses[StoringTestSuiteResultNumber]^.AreAllTestsFinished() AND NOT
59 StoredGeneralTestResults THEN

( If all test suites have finished storing their results, store the general test results )
57 IF StoredTestSuiteResults AND NOT StoredGeneralTestResults THEN

Which resolves the incorrect testnumbers in the results report

2020-05-23 11:09:41 View
[r304] (910 Bytes) by aliazzz

Latest Code of TcUnit integrated, now prepare XmlWriter integration

2019-12-29 20:13:23 View
[r295] (1.0 kB) by aliazzz

intermediate working copy v1.1.0.0
contains bugs!

2019-12-27 15:15:05 View