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[r870] by hermsen


The first valid (but yet !UNTESTED!) attempt to let FB_Edge publish the Device Messages via IMessageSource
See statemachine step "PUB_DEV_MSGS"

As said, needs testing/debugging

2021-03-29 20:56:37 Tree
[r869] by i-campbell

PrimaryHost: Fixed a bug where you would hit an exception if there weren't enough Host Pool Objects

2021-03-28 22:32:30 Tree
[r868] by i-campbell

[#125] Updated example project. Primary host now sends xCMDs.
Note: The Edge Applications are still on an older version of the library, which publishes, but sometimes publishes out of sequence.

2021-03-28 22:20:42 Tree
[r867] by i-campbell

[#125] PrimaryHost now publishes NCMDs and DCMDs
Fixed bug with FB_EdgeTopicProvider.SetNCMDTopic
Note: currently only birthed metrics can be xCMDed. A generic xCMD is needed to, for example, send a Node Rebirth to a node which we have not yet received its birth certificate.

2021-03-28 22:16:39 Tree
[r866] by i-campbell

[#130] PrimaryHost itterator . Primary Host now itterates all its Edges and devices looking for an xCMD and publishes them

2021-03-28 19:57:20 Tree
[r865] by i-campbell

[#130] PrimaryHost itterator . Primary Host can now itterate all its Edges and devices looking for an xCMD

2021-03-28 18:56:49 Tree
[r864] by i-campbell

Edge: Fixed Compiler warning about external usage of VAR_IN_OUT for publish period

2021-03-28 02:20:21 Tree
[r863] by i-campbell

[#130] FB_RemoteEdge's IMessageSource now offers its own NCMDs as well

2021-03-28 01:56:55 Tree
[r862] by i-campbell

[#130] Host Itterator - RemoteEdges implement IMessageSource for their child devices
Still need to implement NCMDs in FB_RemoteEdge's IMessageSource

2021-03-28 01:04:11 Tree
[r861] by i-campbell

[#130] Host crawler - implemented IMessageSource in FB_RemoteDevice for DCMD

2021-03-28 00:47:00 Tree
[r860] by i-campbell

[#129] Renamed some functions
Corrected GetDBIRTH to GetDDATA

2021-03-27 23:36:38 Tree
[r859] by i-campbell

[#129] refactored IAuthor => IMessageSource
fixed IMessageSource method names to have the interface owner as the Subject of the verb
split informPublishDoneOrError() into two properties, PublisherDone and PublisherError

2021-03-27 22:54:45 Tree
[r858] by i-campbell

[#129] Progress towards IAuthor
Fixed a few VAR_IN_OUT warnings
TODO: use the IAuthor to publish messages in the Edge State Machine

2021-03-21 23:59:36 Tree
[r857] by i-campbell

[#129] Removed FB_DeviceMQTT's publisher
Renamed some of the IAuthor methods for clarity

2021-03-21 20:31:09 Tree
[r856] by i-campbell

[#129] Edge Itterator : FB_Edge is now an IAuthor
just kidding! he just goes through his little black book of devices and asks them:
"do you have anything worth publishing"?
Of course the FB_Device doesn't have his things in order yet. .: TODO

2021-03-21 02:32:08 Tree
[r855] by i-campbell

[#129] Edge Itterator : Added Method Stubs for an IAuthor

2021-03-21 01:01:06 Tree
[r854] by i-campbell

branch develop : lets keep developing

2021-03-21 00:42:04 Tree
[r853] by i-campbell

It is easier to tear down a branch than it is to remerge with the trunk :D

2021-03-21 00:26:01 Tree
[r852] by hermsen


Contains refactoring of FB_Metric for Edge / Device

BEWARE this commit still contains:
[#127] Edge / Device BUG SeqNums

2021-03-20 23:33:49 Tree
[r851] by hermsen

Precursor for [#127] Edge / Device BUG SeqNums

2021-03-20 23:07:24 Tree
[r850] by i-campbell

[#102] Payload Refactor. Removed unneded Rebirth := _Rebirth

2021-03-20 19:27:36 Tree
[r849] by hermsen

debugging on NBIRTH continued

2021-03-19 22:44:24 Tree
[r848] by hermsen

Update on NCMD / Rebirth for debug purpose

2021-03-19 21:39:23 Tree
[r847] by i-campbell

[#102] Paylaod Refactor. Removed unneccesaryy __QUERYINTERFACE in the example

2021-03-18 19:31:59 Tree
[r846] by hermsen

Example update

2021-03-18 17:47:56 Tree
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