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Implement only basic metrics (advanced metric features = later milestone's)
by aliazzz
2 days ago

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  • eschwellinger eschwellinger modified a comment on discussion Runtime

    Let me check, seems we mis a posibility to force the lib to use either TLS 1.1 or 1.2

  • eschwellinger eschwellinger posted a comment on discussion Runtime

    Check the modem documentaion... To Figuren Out which device on the Pi /dev/tty.... Ist used

  • victorherma victorherma posted a comment on discussion Runtime

    Hi Edwin. Yes, the modem supports AT commands, but where do I write them? In a POU? How do I indicate the COM port of the UART? When I use the example included in the SMS Service SL library, modified for the raspberry, the TimeOut runs out on the first initialization of the modem and it goes into error. I suspect it has to do with the ModemFb.itfConnectionType

  • snguyen snguyen posted a comment on discussion Runtime

    Thank you

  • Ingo Ingo posted a comment on discussion Forge

    A pity! Sounds like the driver has a problem then. Then it doesn't like the usage of the driver from different tasks. I'll file a bug for that. Sorry, that it didn't work that easily! Cheers, Ingo

  • scan scan posted a comment on discussion Forge

    Thanks Ingo! I uploaded your example project to my raspberry, but the problem still exists. The traces are correct, but on the GPIO pins it's not working properly. I am now trying to solve the problem by programming the PWM signal in a separate phyton program. It should be possible to access the variables of the plc program. BR Andreas

  • Ingo Ingo posted a comment on discussion Forge

    Use this project for a first test: https://forge.codesys.com/forge/talk/forge/thread/6ceff9d39e/#49a0/3122 You can connect the outputs, which are now traced to any digital output which is able to toggle quickly enough.

  • alejho alejho posted a comment on discussion Motion

    Hi all, I'm using MC_Jog and i'm wondering if there is a "best pratice" to jog an axis (with finite limits defined) until its limit without getting errors?

  • patrickrjbrown patrickrjbrown posted a comment on discussion Motion

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Now it is all starting to become clear. it's not working yet.. but I'm working out how little I know.. So now in the past, I've had a setup working.. and when I achieved that I realized that the green circular arrows are the key to the comms working correctly... so I've always been mindful that if you have orange or red arrow.. you're doomed... now when I did the previous project (which is all in ladder) I was just adding a little servo to do a feed down on one axis of a grinding...

  • galexis galexis modified a comment on discussion Visualization

    Thank you very much! I want to compose a text for bubble information ( when mouse is on web symbole)) with 2 variables: " {Text dipense of list} {number}" I get only 1 part of this composed text: only text from TextList/variable or only number from variable INT