#84 Sparkplug: conform to Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)


According to these slides from 2020.10 Eclipse IoT, Edge and Sparkplug Update - Community Meeting, Eclipse are "planning for the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) and compatibility logo program"

This is a test suite, which confirms if your device is compatible to the standard, and if so grants you the ability to use the compatibility logo.

When this TCK is available, we should test our software against it, and aim to get the logo.

The repository for the Sparkplug spec, https://github.com/eclipse/sparkplug will at a minimum point you to the TCK.


  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-10-22
    • summary: Sparkplug: --> Sparkplug: conform to Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)
  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-11-03

    Extract of Eclipse IoT Working Group Slack 2020-11-1
    Ian Campbell 20:24
    Hello, me again. I am trying to work out the administrative requirements for using an eclipse TCK for my open source sparkplug library.
    using the TCK to verify the library during development.
    Saying "We conform to the Eclipse SparkplugTM TCK" and displaying the TCK results on a webpage
    displaying the conformance logo on our homepage
    Do any of those three require a) written permission or b) sparkplug workgroup membership ?

    Mike Milinkovich 15:48
    Let me start by saying that the Sparkplug conformance program is not yet fully established. But assuming that the Steering Committee decides to largely emulate the approach taken by Jakarta EE:
    1 and 2 do not require any permissions or participation beyond what is in the Eclipse Foundation's TCK License.
    3 would require both signing the Sparkplug trademark license agreement and membership in the Sparkplug working group


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  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-11-03

    So from this:
    - We must confirm details closer to the release of the TCK.
    - If it is the same as the Eclipse Jakarta EE TCK, displaying the conformance logo would require an investment of 2000USD/year, to join the Eclipse Foundation and the Sparkplug Working Group.
    - If we don't use the Eclipse TCK Logo, we can still prove our product and use the text "We conform to the Eclipse SparkplugTM TCK"

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-11-03
    • status: open --> pending
  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2021-02-23

    The very first "test" in the TCK is available for testing:
    We should document what is needed to setup a system to run our library against this one test.

    • h-hermsen

      h-hermsen - 2021-02-23

      If we have a java capable compiler we can build the TCK and test our EoN against it.
      I nosed in the source and it seems a full fledged MQTT Broker with integration of (various) test 'scenarios'. This test is the first of many to come. Simply put, it tests the offline and online behaviour of the connected edge (lifecycle test).

      Needed: JAVA capable IDE -> Eclipse Studio seems an appropriate choice?


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