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[0620e3] by ingo ingo

Added workaround to use a central license server.
It's a workaround, because license servers are officially not supported by CODESYS, yet.

2021-12-10 12:57:24 Tree
[d9f5d0] by ingo <>

Updated to new runtime version. And expose TCP port.

2021-12-08 09:02:37 Tree
[309d19] by ingo <>

support build-args CDS_VERSION and EDGE_VERSION to overload the default version of the Dockerfile

2021-07-30 12:21:45 Tree
[a81b54] by ingo <>

Start runtime and edge gateway in the same container.
This allows local scans via UDP, by connecting to the edge Gateway in the container

2021-02-27 14:45:46 Tree
[880fe2] by ingo <>

First working container, which is sadly based on SP15.
Actually I am not able to connect via TCP/IP on anything newer than SP15

2021-02-27 14:21:22 Tree
[620a94] by ingo <>

initial draft

2021-02-26 22:28:19 Tree