CODESYS Control for Linux SL is a runtime system, which can run on any Debian based X86 PC, VM or Cloud container. Technically the system is pretty open, and therefore sometimes difficult to configure correctly.

The installation scripts on this page, should help you to install and configure the CODESYS runtime with few effort on your x86 based Debian system.

Install on Debian

To install Linux-SL directly on a debian based system, you may use the following command:

wget --output-document=- https://forge.codesys.com/trg/linux-sl/install | sh

Install on Docker

To build a docker image with the CODESYS Control SL runtime, you can either build the Dockerfile in the Docker repository, or you can docker let it checkout and build by itself, with the following command:

sudo docker build https://forge.codesys.com/git/trg,linux-sl,docker.git -t codesyscontrol:local

To install a specific version of CODESYS, you can pass two build arguments to the docker build:

sudo docker build https://forge.codesys.com/git/trg,linux-sl,docker.git --build-arg CDS_VERSION= --build-arg EDGE_VERSION= -t codesyscontrol:local

You can either pass only CDS_VERSION or only EDGE_VERSION.

  • A list of versions for the runtime can be found here
  • A list of versions for the gateway can be found here

Connect via TCP/IP

To run the container and connect to the runtime through a local gateway, but with the TCP/IP blockdriver, you can use this:

sudo docker run -p 11740:11740 --privileged codesyscontrol:local

To connect, use then the IP address of your host machine, because the container port is then bound to the hosts port 11740.

If you are running on the same machine, it could be: 

Connect via Edge Gateway

The container also runs an edge gateway. When you point your Gateway configuration in your CODESYS IDE to this gateway, you can scan for runtimes, and you will always find exactly one. That's the runtime, running inside the same container as the Edge Gateway.

Then you will need to forward the ports of the gateway:

sudo docker run -it -p 11740:11740 -p 1217:1217 -p 11743:11743 --privileged codesyscontrol:local