There is no shame in struggling with git!


Welcome to my first blog entry!

Many people (like me) love to tinker with code and electronics. When doing that you will get involved with git in some form or another.

Git itself is a neat SCM but getting a good hang of (g)it is painful! People who say otherwise have forgotten how steep the learning curve really is, are idiot savants or can be just be ignored ;-). All jokes aside, it takes some effort.

For me, with a good background of svn, learning git was "troublesome". Last year (since august or so) I started to get to know git for some reasons. At first I thought I soon get the hang of it by just getting started. I was deadwrong.

It took me at least a few days to get through the basics like fork, clone, commit, branch, head, master, origin, merge, tag, squash, pull request etc, etc.

So, for all you people who have a little basic knowledge of git but want to make the most of it, I found this funny and very relatable blogpost on git and the data model behind it.

Have fun learning while reading, it helped me a lot!

Posted by aliazzz 2020-03-24

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