CfUnit v1.1.0.0


CODESYS Forge Unit Test Framework

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'CfUnit' is motivated by absence of a 'good and free' open source IEC61131-3 automated unit-testing solution.
Written in entirely in Structured-Text (ST) for CODESYS based PLC systems, MIT-licensed.

Download CfUnit V1.1.0.0.Package


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The .package contains all components you need to start developing your tests.

CfUnit Library
Verifier Project
Simple Example Project

Download CfUnit V1.1.0.0.Package

Getting started

A detailed step by step tutorial for the Simple CfUnit example project can be found here.


Wiki The online API reference wiki can be found here.
Tutorial A tutorial can be found here.
Code The code repository can be found here.
Bugs Any found bugs can be reported here.


Any questions? You can drop them [here].
Posted questions will be moderated into the FAQ for future reference.


Forked from TcUnit by Jakob Sagatowski for TwinCAT3.
Assistance provided by zer0g & Ingo was greatly appreciated. Without their assistance,
porting alone would have taken me several months. Kudos for helping me out with various
tickets and providing invaluable feedback!


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