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 CODESYS Softmotion Virtual Axis
 CODESYS Depictor
+Enter a particular pattern
+Confirm a particular pattern is solvable
+ - "Any permutation of the corners is possible, including odd permutations. Seven of the corners can be independently rotated, and the orientation of the eighth depends on the other seven, giving 8!×37 combinations." (Wikipedia, 2020)
+ - An edge of the same colour (blue-green and blue-green) will show opposite colours if rotated to the position of its twin.
+ - no other known (to me) restrictions
+ - FUTURE: maybe this could be built into the patterner: actually only allow swaps of edges.
+Do an adjustable number of random moves to come by a scramble
+Perform one rotation of one part of the cube
+Using predefined algorithms, improve the solvedness of the cube
+Repeatedly call Improver until the cube is solved