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    Hey hermsen, you can use the HTML5 controls like any visualization control, see HTML5-API-Examples -> More Information. Important is to use the .xml file if you install it to your Visual Element Repository. Unfortunately there is no .project file, because the HTML5 controls are not included in .project files, with the release of Visualization 4.3 (scheduled in october) controls are included in .projectarchive. Regards

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    HTML5 integration example project

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    Enable property to analog inputs and outputs

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    relay enable property implementation

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    Enable property to DI

    Shared Memory Communication

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    CDS-81329 Shared Memory Communication Example, Forge, Codesys examples: Size should be __UXINT not UDINT | Also deleted some unused variables of SyncExample application


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    Print all libraries and their dependencies

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    alternatively check the sim is enabled beforehand and turn it on if not yet enabled devs = proj.find('testdev') if len(devs) > 0: # check if sim is enabled cur_sim_mode = devs[0].get_simulation_mode() print(cur_sim_mode) # enable sim conditionally if not cur_sim_mode: devs[0].set_simulation_mode(True)

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