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  • sven sven committed [r7]

    - Update to version (adjust project information)

  • h-hermsen h-hermsen posted a comment on ticket #1

    ps if you commit the open source lbray to the repository you can add Ticket [#1] to the commit message (either svn or git) so it will directly link to this ticket. This way you can easily keep track of tickets in your commited code.

  • sven sven modified ticket #1

    Compiled library

    Linux SL

  • Ingo Ingo committed [r25]

    make codemeter optional (for older releases)

  • Ingo Ingo modified a wiki page


  • ingo <> committed [309d19]

    support build-args CDS_VERSION and EDGE_VERSION to overload the default version of the Dockerfile

    co⚡e: Sparkplug™ MQTT edge and host

  • h-hermsen h-hermsen posted a comment on ticket #132

    zipping and uzipping don't seem a normal PLC task. Maybe we could off-load this to the OS or something? Hardware supported compression; plusses are myriad like optimised CPU usage, so hardly any loss of performance. minus: CPU must support it and needs a special dedicated library which enables it. Softeare supported encryption; Plus Any CPU can encode/decode payloads of arbitrary length. Minus: The encoding and decoding will take a fair bite out of the Runtime performance. I personally feel that...

  • h-hermsen h-hermsen modified ticket #142

    Migrate project URL to prj/cobolt/

  • i-campbell i-campbell posted a comment on ticket #104

    From the spec. Only metrics have aliases, i.e. Properties do not have aliases. "alias ◦ This is an unsigned 64-bit integer representing an optional alias for a Sparkplug B payload. If supplied in an NBIRTH or DBIRTH it MUST be a unique number across this Edge Node’s entire set of metrics. In other words, no two metrics for the same Edge Node can have the same alias. Upon being defined in the NBIRTH or DBIRTH, subsequent messages can supply only the alias instead of the metric friendly name to reduce...

    co♻e: A unittest framework for CODESYS

  • i-campbell i-campbell created ticket #53

    Migrate project to /lib/counit

  • h-hermsen h-hermsen posted a comment on ticket #51

    I'll check this when releasing v1.2.0.0

  • stmos stmos posted a comment on ticket #51

    Hi Haico, maybe I've found the issue, please correct me if I'm wrong. See CODESYS Support/POU/GetCurTaskInfo. Suggested change: **Declaration:** FUNCTION_BLOCK GetCurTaskInfo VAR pCurTask : CmpIecTask.RTS_IEC_HANDLE; - pResult : POINTER TO CmpIecTask.RTS_IEC_HANDLE; + pResult : CmpIecTask.RTS_IEC_RESULT; pCurTaskInfo : POINTER TO CmpIecTask.Task_Info2; END_VAR VAR_OUTPUT CurTaskInfo : CmpIecTask.Task_Info2; END_VAR ----- **Code:** -pCurTask := CmpIecTask.IECTaskGetCurrent( pResult := pResult); +pCurTask...


  • sven sven committed [r2]

    Testordner wieder gelöscht

  • sven sven committed [r1]

    Verzeichnis erzeugen...


  • Ingo Ingo committed [r10]

    added drone.yml file

  • Ingo Ingo committed [r9]

    released new package

  • Ingo Ingo committed [r8]

    added library as binary

    XML parsing and composing library

  • timvh timvh committed [r79]

    Seek path variable changed from STRING to T_MaxString. Is required for deep nested xml file, or long tag names.

  • timvh timvh committed [r78]

    When the buffer is smaller than the filesize, it could happen that some data was not correctly parsed.

  • timvh timvh committed [r77]

    added (project embedded) xml file


  • Ingo Ingo modified ticket #1

    PDO mapping parameters

  • Ingo Ingo posted a comment on ticket #1

    Hello Beember, sorry to ask. But how is this question related to the MCP3008 driver? Maybe you wanted to ask this in CODESYS Talk!?

  • beemer beemer created ticket #1

    PDO mapping parameters

    CODESYS 4 Linux

  • ingo <> committed [20f0d8]

    fixed handling of codesyscontrol script of subdirectories

  • ingo <> committed [7e04ef]

    fixed filename, when using subfolders

  • ingo <> committed [8d9349]

    corrected build script name in test


  • Ingo Ingo committed [r7]

    use separate project file, instead of adding the Device to the library

  • Ingo Ingo committed [r6]

    corrected build script name

  • Ingo Ingo committed [r5]

    download dependencies