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  • ingo <> committed [ebd1a4]

    corrected handling of unary operators. Before, all unary operators were treated as pointer dereferenciation ;)

  • ingo <> committed [853a2a]

    updated unary operators and added a few more tests from my personal queue

  • Ingo Ingo posted a comment on ticket #3

    Nice idea! Actually I already thought of inventing a runtime library (emscripting is doing it similar). Then I could pass the variable by reference, to increment it, and return the old value as a result. But would this work with an Any-Type? Because in the place where I get the operator I don't know the datatype. Not sure, yet. BR, Ingo

    CODESYS Forge

  • Ingo Ingo created ticket #31

    Android App: Cache handling on Samsung S10 / Android 10

  • Ingo Ingo posted a comment on ticket #30

    Hi! I would be very pleased if someone has the muse to rewrite parts of the script. As far as I remember some design decisions were made because the script should run on windows and linux, as the idea was to use it also in the CI-Jobs. But this is no use case anymore.

  • Ingo Ingo modified ticket #29

    CFORGE Tool doesn't work with SP16