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An open source unit testing framework for CODESYS

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Sparkplug B for MQTT

Open Source "Sparkplug B for MQTT" implementation for CODESYS devices


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JSON parsing and composing library

a library to parse and compose JSON strings from local variables

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A hardware independent Debug Logger / Message Queue


    Home Project for CODESYS Forge

  • dkugler dkugler posted a comment on discussion Visualization

    in this post you can find a project to login from IEC code. After creating two user groups in the usermanagement, maybe this is a other simple way to allow or disable user inputs on specific clients and visu objects. I can't use the currentvisuvariable in my project, so I login or out the right user during the iteration for synchronisation or check if the right user is logged in, as Chris.O described.

  • aliazzz aliazzz posted a comment on discussion Engineering

    Thanks for the feedback. However, I don't have a solution for you at this time. Maybe someone else has a better solution for this? Then I am all ears for too.

  • dgirard dgirard posted a comment on discussion Visualization

    Great, I will try and get this all put together before the end of the week and share my results in case anyone else has the same needs. Thank you

  • hence.persson hence.persson posted a comment on discussion Engineering

    Tested not what I want.. I want something regardless where the program has changed the method FB_Exit seems to work as intended but only if I have changed in that particular FB.

  • Chris.O Chris.O modified a comment on discussion Visualization

    You can Count it on your own. Within this post I shared my Program (not the Code-Sniped, but the Project to download) Here I Iterate all clients and read out some information. You can also geht som Usier-Info (Current logged In user for the different Clients) So try e.g. If Current logged in user <> '' Then count+1 Or you use the code-sniped and use "pClient^.GlobalData.CurrentUserName" Inside the Iteration e.g. code If...

Device Drivers

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read thermal sensors using SPI

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Relay Pi-Plate

Codesys Driver for the Relay Pi-Plate

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I2C MCP7941x

Enables RTC and RETAIN data support


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IEC Snippets

IEC Code you can use in CODESYS

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run CODESYS on wine

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python scripting w/ CODESYS