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  • bwmlee bwmlee posted a comment on discussion Runtime 🇬🇧

    I have been using the PiB+/P2 without success.

  • trevorb trevorb posted a comment on discussion Engineering 🇬🇧

    Hi All, I am looking for support for my Codesys application. I am using persistent variables however I am no longer able to add more due to an error when trying to upload changes. The error is below [ERROR] Default: PersistentVars [PCT_Assem_Mach: PLC Logic: Application](Line 229): C0415: Out of persistent memory: Variable 'R314TPEdges1', 1208 bytes (Largest contiguous memory gap 488). Editing persistant variable lists may produce fragmented memory. Perform "Declarations, Reorder list and clear gaps"...

  • eschwellinger eschwellinger posted a comment on discussion Runtime 🇬🇧

    There was no change in CODESYS side...Just plug the right connector PIB+/P2

  • dgirard dgirard posted a comment on discussion Visualization 🇬🇧

    Thanks @Morberis, the example on the pi page was very helpful and has me headed in the right direction. One question for yous: the code snip below will log me in automatically, but regardless of which visualization I log in from, it will always log me into the TargetVisu. Do you know what is missing so that it will log me into the visualization from which the login button was pressed? I'm assuming it has to do with detecting the press of the button and matching it to the proper pclient? LoginButton_R_TRIG(clk...

  • bwmlee bwmlee posted a comment on discussion Runtime 🇬🇧

    I’ve tried using the example GPIO project with a flashing output on GPIO23 with no success. I’m conscious that Tomj’s response was only a few months ago. Was v4.0.0.0 intended to fix the issue to support Debian v10.4?

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