I just saw that the device was a slave...  So indeed that might not help... 

I think I will upgrade the pi at some point, but I do worry a little about how the codesys runtime licence transfer works... So I want to test that first...


On Sat, 1 Aug 2020, 05:50 eschwellinger, <forge@codesys.com> wrote:

Usually this is mit a problem, USB or internal Ethernet Interface.
Both work like charm as long you do mit mix up ethercat and other TCP/ip ethernet devices.
Die Softmotion the important thing is to have a realtime Patch rt_prempt Patch applied to your Linux kernel.
This etherberry is as far as i know only for making a ethercat Slave of your Raspberry Pi

Omron R88D-KN08H-ETC with a raspberry on top... (over ethercat)

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