Ethernet IP Scanner - L33ER CompactLogix Adapter

Hi there, I am sort of new to this forum and also to CODESYS. I am trying to setup a CODESYS device as a Scanner (master) and an AB L33ER CompactLogix as its Adapter (slave).
So far I have tried creating one INT (integer) for output and one for input in the Studio5000 side (to test). Then exported out the EDS file using RSLinx. Then imported the EDS file to CODESYS and added the Ethernet IP Device - Adapter to the tree. It creates the device without any issues up to this point.

The problem that I am having is that it doesn't seem to import the Connections & Connection Path. So I tried opening the EDS file in a text editor and copied and pasted the path that appears in the file. This allowed the CODESYS device to try to communicate to the L33ER. But then crashed the L33ER generating a major fault. To clear it I had to take the CODESYS device off the network and work with the AB controller directly.

I read somewhere else that maybe creating a generic Ethernet IP adapter underneath the Scanner device is a better approach. But I am having a hard time configuring the connections. For instance what are the configuration assembly, consuming assembly's class ID, instance ID, attribute ID etc?

Again I apologize for my ignorance in using CODESYS, any help to point me to the right direction will be greatly appreciated !

Posted by sumitoccs 2020-03-18

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