Choose a license

If you are new to open source software licensing, choosing the right license for your situation and your requirements, can become a quite difficult task. There is a nice website, called This site might give you the best background informations about the available licenses. Our best advise should be:
Choose a well known and approved license, which you fully understand and agree with.

Allowed licenses

On CODESYS Forge we allow you to choose the license which fits best for you. But you might notice, that some licenses are marked red, while others are marked blue.

The reason is, that we recommend two licenses, which we find are least critical for the users who download your software:

  • MIT
  • Unlicense

With this measure, we don't want to criticize all other licenses out there. But most of them pass additional requirements on to the users, which the user has to be aware of. Just give credits for the work that you used in your own project, and you are already fine. Therefore we mark projects using those licenses specially.


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