Can I upload Videos?

You can't upload them on CODESYS Forge. But you can embed videos, which you uploaded to Youtube.
To embed a video, you have to upload it to youtube first. The youtube link can then be embedded into your blog post.

I managed to get an amazon echo connected to my BBQ smoker. Check this out to see it in action:

[[embed url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYZ]]

Can I embed images in my comments / posts?

To embed images, which are hosted on other websites, you can simply use the following markdown syntax to embed it:



If you want to upload an image, and embed it into your post, you have to create your post first. This might sound a bit strange, but you can only attach files to existing posts.

  1. Create your textual post
  2. Edit your post
  3. Attach your images
  4. Embed the image like this...
[[img src=attached-image.jpg alt=foobar]]

How to resize embedded images?

Embedded Images are usually embedded in their original size. When embedding photos, you usually want to make them as large as it fits good on the users device. The recommendation is to use an image size of 400px-600px and to embed it with a size, relative to the screen width. You can do this with the "img" markdown macro:

[[img src=attached-image.jpg width=50%]]

How can an embedded image be displayed in a blog post

Embedding images with the "img" macro (s. above) is very convenient. But it doesn't work if it is an image, at the beginning of a blog post, which should be displayed on the blog overview page. You can workaround this easily, by embedding it with their full URL:

[[img src=https://forge.codesys.com/prj/myprj/blog/2018/05/mypost/attachment/attached-image.jpg width=50%]]

How to layout a good tutorial?

You can layout your tutorial with everything that markdown provides you. But a good practice is, to follow similar rules as when you write a normal Wiki-Page:

  1. Add [TOC] at the top of the page
    This will provide the user an overview over all steps
  2. Use topics for every step and give them a short and pregnant name
    This will improve the [TOC], which you insereted at the top
  3. Use sub-topics to give the tutorial a structure
  4. Use "preformated text (starting and ending with ~~~) to highlight commands and code

An example...


# Prerequisites
# Prepare the hardware
## Wiring of the sensors
## Attaching the peripherals
# Install Linux
## Download the Image
## Copy the Image to your SD Card

How do I get rid of the left navigation bar in my Wikis?

In the Admin Options of your Wiki, you can disable the setting "Show left bar".

Show Discussion: [x]
Show left bar: [ ]
Show meta data: [x]
Allow replies via email: [x]

How can I get back the navigation bar after disabling it?

After the navigation bar is gone, you can't reach the Options menu anymore to reenable it. To get this options menu, just click on the "locker icon" on the right of the menu.
Then, press on the gears, which will appear infront of the wiki menu entry. By clicking on the gear, you will get the admin menu as a drop down menu.

You can select "Options", and reenable it in the same way as you disabled it.

How can I browse pages after disabling the left navigation?

One trick is to click on "history". Then you get the left navigation back.

This happens often when you use for example, the "IndexMain" page, how we recommended it in Project Maintenance. As the page "IndexMain" is only included, but not linked anywhere.

You can use the button "Browse Navigation" of your Wiki to find such pages. This should give you a list of all pages, of this Wiki.
Another way is to use the Wiki Search.

If you disabled the left navigation bar, the easiest way is to enter the link in your browser directly.
Just append the name of the Page (in our case "IndexMain") to the URL, directly after the name of the Wiki-Tool:

If this is your start page:




If you renamed the Wiki, e.g. to:




Can I see the source code of foreign Wiki pages?

When you are on a Wiki-Page, you should see a link named "Show Page Source". Click on it, and you can watch or copy the source of the Wiki-Page.

Maintenance / Moderation

How can I delete a project

Actually projects are always only marked as deleted. You can whipe the content manually by deleting all the tools, etc. But the project itself will be kept in the database as a sort of placeholder. So for example nobody can take the short name afterwards anymore.
To do this:

  • Open the "Admin" page
  • Click on "Metadata"
  • Click on the "Edit-Link" beside "Project Status"
  • Select "Delete Project"

If you wish to delete the project fully and permanently, please contact forge@codesys.com and name the project you want to be deleted. Note, that you need to be an admin of the project, and that you need to do the contact with an the E-Mail address of your CODESYS Account.

Can I mark posts in my Forum as sticky?

Yes. Just navigate to the post. Open it, and click on the "hand symbol" above it.
This is your moderator menu. There you can mark it as sticky.

How to ban forum users?

To ban a user from your forum, you need to take him the right to post s.th. To do this, you have to follow:

  • Admin Forum
  • Permissions
  • Post
  • Block User

Then you enter the username.


This is a bit different for CODESYS projects and libraries, as for other code, that is committed in your repositories.
CODESYS libraries are exported as markdown. Therefore you can't refer a specific line in a link, but only sections. So, when you click on a link at the top of you source code page, you can copy and send this link to others.
Every other code, which you can browse in the source browser, can be referenced by specific lines. Just click on a specific line, and copy the URL from your browsers location bar. For example:


How can I share one Forge Account between different CODESYS Accounts?

You can go to the account profile and claim a new E-Mail address. You will get an activation link sent to this E-Mail address which you need to visit. Once your address is approved, you can login, using a CODESYS Account which is registered to this address.

Note, that each address can only be claimed once. Therefore this procedure only works if there is no other account which claimed the address, and when you respect the exact order (first claim the address, then login with the CODESYS Account for the first time).

What can I do to disable an account and free the claimed E-Mail address?

You can't remove the last E-Mail address from an account. Ther needs to be always one verified E-Mail address for every active account. So, if you want to remove all E-Mail addresses from an account, you need to disable it.
To do this, go to "Account -> Preferences", and select "Disable account".


Is there a programatical API to access CODESYS Forge?

There is a REST API, which is provided by Allura. The easiest way is, to prepend "/rest/" to your URL.


... gives you the pages source, some information about related artifacts, authors, ...

Or if you want to process informations from a ticket system:

This works for most tools, and allows you to get some of the informations in json format.


Wiki: IndexMain