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While for developers functional tools are most important when it comes to open source hosting, users expect some professional and individual websites.

Simplicity and flexibility are contrary requirements. But luckily the tools on CODESYS Forge are scaling very well in this respect.

What you need to know is, that the first tool in the navigation bar of your project is automagically your landing page.

Now you have various different options to design this page.

Plain Wiki

You can use an ordinary Wiki page where you describe your project. This is the easiest approach.

Wiki w/o navigation bar

In the admin settings tool, you can hide the navigation panel on the left. This way the page looks more like a web page than a Wiki page.

Note, that you can open the settings even w/o the side pane. First, click on the lock symbol on the right. If you then click on the gear symbol beside your Wiki, you can open the settings again.


Every SVN repository on CODESYS Forge can be browsed with an ordinary web browser.

This way you can commit some static web pages in your repository and link to them.

Find the page

You can find the URL of your page by entering the HTTP URL of your SVN repository into your browser. Now you should be able to navigate through the directory structure of your repository. After your clicked on your static page it should show up with all styles, images and scripts.

Use it as your landing page

Using such a page as your "landing page" is easy:

  • Click on "Tool add..."
  • Select "External Link"
  • Enter your URL
  • Name the tool "Home" or similar
  • Click "Save"

  • Click on the lock symbol on the right

  • Drag the newly added tool to the very left

From now on your static page should show up when you enter your project URL.


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