User Accounts

In open source projects, every right and activity is focused on people. Everything works pretty independent of the companies where the people are employed.

Multi E-Mail

You can register multiple E-Mail addresses for your account. And we encourage you to use this feature to register your private and your company address in your profile, when you have the luck that your company allows you to contribute to open source project during work time.

This way you personally keep the control over your rights, contributions and your reputation. Even when you change the company, you can take your account with you.

Note, that one of your addresses has to be marked as the main address. This will be the one where notifications are sent to. But you can use both addresses for your account reactivation.

Company Accounts

All contributions are expected to be done by individuals. If maintainers are granting you rights on their projects, they do it because they are trusting you in person.

So you should never contribute anything in your name if you are not behind it. If you are forced to do so by your company, you should create an anonymous company account for this purpose. But please make others clear that the persons using this account might change.

We please you to use the companies domain name for this purpose. For example the user "" is the company account of the CODESYS GmbH.


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