Projects on CODESYS Forge are focusing mainly on developers. But if your project gains bigger popularity or focuses on users, you may want to make it easier for your users to download released versions of your software. You don't want them to struggle with SVN or Git.

Our recommendation is to use a Wiki Page to do that. You can add a Wiki page named "Downloads" where you place links to your files.

To upload your files, you have different choices.

SVN / Git

If they are not too big, you can commit the files into your repository beside your code during the creation of a new release.

To link the files, you can either:

  • copy a direct link from the repository browser
  • for SVN, you can open the http / https URLs directly in a browser. This way you can link files or directories.


Cloud Services

Many cloud services, like google drive, are allowing you to share direct links to your files, which can be used by others to download without creating an account. Those links can also be easily used in your Wiki, which is listing your releases.


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