Facelift of the ticket tool

The ticket tool is after the source browsers, the second most important tool of CODESYS Forge. For smaller projects, it holds a personal todo list for the maintainer. It collects user feedback, wishes and bug reports. And for larger projects, it also acts as a central planning board to coordinate the work.

Because it is so important, it got two improvements to make the daily workflows a bit smoother.

Edit a ticket

To edit a ticket, you usually need to open it, then click on edit in the toolbar at the top. While this is a valid and sane way to do that, it is not handy in all situations. And for those of you knowing the great ticket tool JIRA from Atlassian, it's clear that it can be different.

Now there are two alternative ways to edit a ticket:

  • Click on the description or label to switch to edit mode.
  • Press "e" on your keyboard to edit the current ticket

If you, as well as we, like it, we might add more improvements like this in the future.

Audit trail

The history of a ticket consists of a mixture of changed fields and comments. Until now the weight of those entries was equal. Just the color was slightly different.

There was even the standard toolbar visible to comment, rate and edit the audit trail. As this doesn't make much sense, the style of those audit trail entries became more compact, and the toolbar disappeared. And I assume that nobody will miss it. ;)

More ideas?

The above changes were initiated through the feedback of a user. If you have similar ideas, comments or wishes, feel free to use the discussion functionality of this blog, and leave us a comment.

Posted by Ingo 2019-11-17

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