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The Wizard of the Forge


New Wizards should help people to better setup and maintain their projects.

During the last weeks we continued discussing how to guide people better, who are new to CODESYS Forge, are also new to CODESYS SVN or new to typical open source development workflows. But even for experienced Forge users, it was sometimes difficult to keep the overview over the status and consistency of their projects.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2020-08-28

Update to SP16

After the CODESYS Release of V3.5 SP16, we had a few problems to get the Docker containers running again. This was luckily not related to CODESYS at all, it was just because of a different behavior of the Microsoft DotNet Runtime. After the Docker containers are building again with CODESYS V3.5 SP16, we now updated also our CI/CD system to SP16.

Hope that nobody will notice the change, as this will mean that there are no new issues with the new version. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.

Posted by Ingo 2020-05-12

Forge Talk

Hi Guys!

Today we replaced the typical wiki discussions with an integration of CODESYS Talk. This way we have a better channeling of the discussions around the Forge projects.

The form for commenting wiki pages is replaced with a form to create a new Talk topic which is linked with a label to the project by default.

... read more

Posted by Ingo 2020-05-05

CODESYS Forum Migration

This night, the forum migration has finished. Even during the migration, the system was already available, and quite a few people already started to use it. We heartly welcome all forum members on the new platform.

Data Conversion

We took quite a big effort in the correct conversion and migration of the data. Anyway there are always chances, that some users are not migrated or posts got corrupted. If you encounter any anomalies, please let us know throught the support tracker in the footer of the web page.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2020-02-29

App Update

While the CODESYS Forge App is stil in its beta phase, the features constantly increase. Today we integrated more general CODESYS related information.

The new category is called "Product News" and contains information about new software releases and security advisories.

In addition to this, the app robustness improved pretty much during the last weeks. So it is worth to check it out.

Posted by Ingo 2020-02-18

Reply via E-Mail

There are many kinds of E-Mails, which you receive from CODESYS Forge, based on your subscriptions.
You get informed about:

  • Commits in Git or SVN Code Repositories
  • Blog Posts
  • Changes on Wiki-Pages or new ones
  • Discussions in the Forum
  • ...

On many of those E-Mails, you can now reply directly. Your answer will be attached to the discussion on that ticket, post or page. All E-Mails on which you can't reply are sent from noreply@codesys.com. All other E-Mails are sent from some-id@tool.project.neighborhood.forge.codesys.com.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2020-02-13

User Migration from CODESYS Forum

Today we migrated (nearly) all active users from the CODESYS Forum. This is the first step to the full integration of the CODESYS Forum into CODESYS Forge. We created all users which we could automatically import. Some were not possible because of username constraints, which are more strict in CODESYS Forge, than they were in the CODESYS Forum.

Content Migration

As already published on the CODESYS Forum, we will migrate the whole forums content 27-28 Februrary 2020.... read more

Posted by codesys.com 2020-01-17

CODESYS Forge Android App (alpha)

Note: Updated status.

Those of you, who are active Forum users might have read it already. We are launching an Android App to access CODESYS Forge in the near future. This App is currently in development. The brave of you can also check out a pre-alpha version of the App.

The idea

We give you access to the mobile version of the CODESYS Forge Website. We don't provide any additional functionality.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2019-12-25

Hash Tags

The following tools are now supporting #hashtags:

  • Wiki Pages
  • Tickets
  • Blogs
  • Discussion Topics

You can love them or hate them, but hash tags can be very handy for some use cases. The main reason, why we now support hash tags is, that they can be used everywhere. So for example, Discussions don't support labels, but they support hash tags.

And with this mechnism you can easily filter for content over the whole website, across all tools and projects.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2019-11-29 Labels: hashtags Softmotion

Facelift of the ticket tool

The ticket tool is after the source browsers, the second most important tool of CODESYS Forge. For smaller projects, it holds a personal todo list for the maintainer. It collects user feedback, wishes and bug reports. And for larger projects, it also acts as a central planning board to coordinate the work.

Because it is so important, it got two improvements to make the daily workflows a bit smoother.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2019-11-17

Menu highlights

Hi again!
This is again a small update, but the infrastructure opens us a huge amount of possibilities.

You might notice, that you get small blinking dots from time to time in the menus on the page. Those are informing you about updates in those sections. So in fact they inform you that there are changes on the marked page since you last visited it.

For sure this feature makes only sense when you are logged in. And at the moment, it is only enabled for this news page. But we might extend this in the future.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2019-10-26

Update to Allura 1.12.0

This night, we got an Update of Allura, the platform behind CODESYS Forge, to version 1.12.0. This version fixed a security issue in the global search. Before it was possible to see some of the private posts, sites or commit messages through the search. This is fixed now.

Beside that the main improvement was in the field of "user mentions". I would say, that this feature became mature after this release.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2019-10-08

CI / CD Badges

This is just a very small improvement. You can add badges for your drone build and test jobs to your wiki pages. Just add the macro:


... and you should see a badge like this:

You get badges for every repository in the project.

Posted by Ingo 2019-10-05

Continuous Integration Beta

Since a while we integrated a continuous integration solution into CODESYS Forge. The integration goes slowly, step by step. The concepts are described here.

While the integration for our users is still in a beta phase, the automatic extraction of the source code from CODESYS projects and libraries is already working.

So if you don't configure anything special, the source code of your projects and libraries will be shown in the source browser. To see the code, just click on a project or library in the source browser. ... read more

Posted by Ingo 2019-09-18

News Feed

To have a better way to propagate news on the website, we installed this news feed. If you want to stay up-to-date, feel free to register for the RSS feed.

To do so:

  • Right click on the RSS symbol on the top right of this page
  • Copy the URL to your clipboard
  • Paste the URL into your favorite RSS reader. If you don't have one, you can also add an RSS feed to outlook
Posted by Ingo 2019-09-17