More Input...

Most of you might know the movie "short circuit". A movie about a robot, which came to live because it was electrocuted. It then wants to learn as much as possible about live, by reading books and watching TV. It always asked for "more input...". And "more input" is what we want to give you...

For many years, the CODESYS Teams published example projects and snippets in the CODESYS Store. The examples were packed into CODESYS packages, and you needed to be logged in to download them.

While times are changing, we now decided to open those examples a bit more to the public. So, all examples of standard features, and code snippets from the CODESYS Store are now published on CODESYS Forge.

The projects are grouped, in form of "sub projects", below "CODESYS Examples" and "CODESYS Games".


During this move, the license of the code changed. For now, all projects are put under a license called Unlicense. As the name implies a bit, this license is one of the most permissive open source licenses, which you can find. We've chosen this, because we want to give you the freedom to copy those examples and snippets into your own projects. No matter, if your project is commercial, or licensed under a less permissive open source license.


We hope, that the need to search for code examples is over - you should simply find them. This doesn't happen instantly, but the code is now at least indexable. So in the near future, you will more easily find examples about how to use specific CODESYS functions on every public search engine. Just because, the code is not hidden behind a login and within a non-readable binary anymore.


Download project

For most examples (especially snippets), checking out became a one-click action. So you can click on the download button, and open the project directly with CODESYS.

  • no login
  • no package installation
  • no searching for the installation directory

Thanks to mlamp and robert, who did the actual move, and who shared all those examples with us!

Posted by Ingo 2020-10-06

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