Git is a technology, which evolved very quickly from a version control system, developed by Linus Torvalds to satisfy the needs of linux kernel developers, to the de-facto standard of version control systems.

For a long time, we used SVN to manage our source codes in enterprise setups. And beside the impression that you get, when you look at the open source community, SVN is still very strong in enterprises. And also in our company, we did well with that. But as the ecosystem around Git grows, there is more and more demand to support also Git with CODESYS. It took us quite a big effort to support Git in such a good way, as we do now.

In our implementation CODESYS becomes a native Git client, which communicates directly with local and remote repositories. And because also CODESYS Forge supports Git repositories, you can directly start to work with your repositories there.

The only problem is, that Git is a distributed system. So it is not as easy, as with CODESYS SVN to provide a free version for use with CODESYS Forge. So currently there is no free version to use with CODESYS Forge available. But, you can use the Demo, which is available for free, to make your first steps with it. Just order the demo, and download the product, then.

Our Forge user h-hermsen was so nice, to post his first impressions with CODESYS Git on CODESYS Forge, in this Blog Post.

Thank you very much!

For the rest of you, I hope that you find the chance to try out CODESYS Git. And please let us know if you like it or not, or if you have problems with it. Just start a chat with us on CODESYS Talk.


Posted by Ingo 2021-07-05

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