CODESYS Forge Android App (alpha)

Note: Updated status.

Those of you, who are active Forum users might have read it already. We are launching an Android App to access CODESYS Forge in the near future. This App is currently in development. The brave of you can also check out a pre-alpha version of the App.

The idea

We give you access to the mobile version of the CODESYS Forge Website. We don't provide any additional functionality.

This sounds weired, right? Why should you install an App, when you get no addional features?

The answer is:
Because of the usability!

While the website is already optimized to be used with a mobile web browser, a native App can improve this experience even more.

Instant access

The App gives you instant access to the most important pages for mobile usage. Those are:

  • An activity stream which keeps you up-to-date about changes on the website
  • This news blog
  • The discussion area, where the Forum will be imported to

Offline usage

All pages, which you once visited are available in offline mode. So when you have a bad internet connection you can still read the cached content and update only specific pages.

The status

All bugs which were reported during the pre-alpha phase are fixed. And the current App feels pretty stable in the everydays use. Thanks to all brave testers who gave feedback!
Still you are welcome to test the App thoroughly, checkout the sources and give us some feedback. The App will go to the Google Play Store as "beta" in the next time.

Alpha test

You can't install it from the store, yet. So you need to allow your device to install third party software before you are able to install the app. How this can be done differs pretty much from device to device. On modern android devices you don't enable this right globally, but you allow a specific app to be able to install software.
For security reasons I strongly recommend not to allow the web browser to install anything. Instead you should give a file browser or cloud file service (like Google drive) the right to install.

  • please download the package from here.

  • please file any bugs here.

  • checkout the sources here.

Have fun with it, and merry Christmas to you all!

Posted by Ingo 2019-12-25

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