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There are many kinds of E-Mails, which you receive from CODESYS Forge, based on your subscriptions.
You get informed about:

  • Commits in Git or SVN Code Repositories
  • Blog Posts
  • Changes on Wiki-Pages or new ones
  • Discussions in the Forum
  • ...

On many of those E-Mails, you can now reply directly. Your answer will be attached to the discussion on that ticket, post or page. All E-Mails on which you can't reply are sent from All other E-Mails are sent from

The access rights are respected in the same way as if you would use the Web-Page to post the comment. The authentication is done based on the validity of the E-Mail sender.

In your reply you should take care about the content. We don't strip off any content from the E-Mail. So if you click on "reply", and the original message is appended to your reply from your E-Mail client, you need to make sure to remove this before sending.

Have fun with the new feature!

Posted by Ingo 2020-02-13

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