The Wizard of the Forge

New Wizards should help people to better setup and maintain their projects.

During the last weeks we continued discussing how to guide people better, who are new to CODESYS Forge, are also new to CODESYS SVN or new to typical open source development workflows. But even for experienced Forge users, it was sometimes difficult to keep the overview over the status and consistency of their projects.

We came up with the conclusion, that we need to help people in two ways:

  1. Create the right artifact
    Some may want to ask a question or publish some cool code. And others want to write a nice article in a Blog.
  2. Configure the projects right
    When someone has created one or two projects on CODESYS Forge, we want to help them to find the most essential settings and to get an idea how to fill the projects.

For both use-cases we created dedicated pages and links to the top navigation bar.

Create ...

A guide to create the right Artifact (Topic, Project, Blog Post) is relevant for every user, who logged in to CODESYS Forge. So we display the Button in the top navigation bar as soon as someone logged in.

Complete ...

A guide to complete your projects is relevant for everyone who has already published a project. So when you went through the create Wizard, and you decided to create a library project, then you will later get the "Complete ..." button in the top navigation bar. This Complete Button brings you to a page which checks your projects, and which shows you hints to improve your projects, like:

  • Define a license
  • Write to the Wiki
  • Add a code repository
  • Fill a code repository
  • ...

As those checks need time, this button is only shown when you are on your user profile pages, and when there is actually to do. If your projects are fine, the button will not even appear. So it is really only meant to help you setting up your projects initially.

We hope you have fun with the new features, and that they improve the quality of the projects of us all.

Posted by Ingo 2020-08-28

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