#82 Reopening the "Import packages dialog" after installation of a new CODESYS version


Dear Forum

I would like to know where I can find the "import previous codesys installation packages" dialog myself in CODESYS.
I do not mean the Package Manager itself, but the dialog which pops up after installation of a new CODESYS version (in tandem with a previous version) on the same machine. This dialog only seems to trigger once (and only once) after opening the new CODESYS IDE....

A) Where can I find this dialog in the IDE?
B) Can I retrigger this dialog in any other way? (albeit obscure via powershell/command line or editing a file)
C) Why does the import mostly fail itself? My packages never got imported correctly at all (not even a single one..) I've seen this dialog a few times when upgrading but never fully worked good for me.

I am hoping to hear something about this (too obscure) feature as it deserves more attention. Installing all them packages anew every time I do an upgrade is quite tedious.

I cannot make screenshots as I don't know how to retrigger the popup manually :-(


  • codesys.com

    codesys.com - 2020-02-28
    • status: open --> wont-fix

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