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  • Posted a comment on ticket #36 on Home Project for CODESYS Forge

    Widgets would be nice yes, especially if I can drag them arround and "customize" my own welcomepage i.e. order of widgets, size of, placement, different type of widgets like (just some brainstorm ideas); a my projects widget, an activity widget, a forum widget (if a global forum gets integrated sometimes soon) a widget of the project/web traffic statistics, Maybe even a 'configuration widget' to alter the default skin i.e.: colorpalette, fonttype, fontsize, wallpaper etc, etc. a 'cForge' widget which...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #38 on Home Project for CODESYS Forge

    WOW, A huge ammount of information/data/statistics! I guess everything I am looking for is somwhere in there on a project basis ;-) .. Looks great! Aliazzz

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