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Extending a library function in an application and getting Interface con...
by jtebokkel
3 hours ago

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DS18B20 doesent work
by zawadzki666
1 day ago

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Webvisu client connection monitoring
by lota
8 hours ago

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Release the axis
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Writing a CSV file from an array of values?
by tlexi
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Visu: Tabelle
by m.prestel
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Kann das Gateway nicht aktualisieren
by stsa

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  • jtebokkel jtebokkel posted a comment on discussion Engineering

    I have an issue where I have extended a function block from a library, but when I try to use it with the library defined interfaces I get the attached error. Error Text [ERROR] PRS Alternator Test: gAlarmManager(Line 5): C0032: Cannot convert type 'PceAlarms.IAlarmManager(pcealarms, (powercore engineering))' to type 'IAlarmManager' Base FB Declaration in Library FUNCTION_BLOCK AlarmElement IMPLEMENTS IAlarmElement, PCI2.IBasicLogger ... Extended FB Declaration in Project FUNCTION_BLOCK PceAlarm...

  • lota lota posted a comment on discussion Visualization

    For those who suggest using hardwired buttons, it is not possible in my application. There are many "manual" buttons and our HMI should be mobile. You have to Walk around the site in order to operate different sections. It is not possible to put multiple panels around, because then we will need tens of them... One of the reasons we have chosen Codesys for our application is the versatility and high end technology it introduce. I think that asking a button to stop operating in case of connection loss...

  • dkugler dkugler posted a comment on discussion Visualization

    in this post you can find a project to login from IEC code. After creating two user groups in the usermanagement, maybe this is a other simple way to allow or disable user inputs on specific clients and visu objects. I can't use the currentvisuvariable in my project, so I login or out the right user during the iteration for synchronisation or check if the right user is logged in, as Chris.O described.

  • aliazzz aliazzz posted a comment on discussion Engineering

    Thanks for the feedback. However, I don't have a solution for you at this time. Maybe someone else has a better solution for this? Then I am all ears for too.

  • dgirard dgirard posted a comment on discussion Visualization

    Great, I will try and get this all put together before the end of the week and share my results in case anyone else has the same needs. Thank you

  • hence.persson hence.persson posted a comment on discussion Engineering

    Tested not what I want.. I want something regardless where the program has changed the method FB_Exit seems to work as intended but only if I have changed in that particular FB.

  • Chris.O Chris.O modified a comment on discussion Visualization

    You can Count it on your own. Within this post I shared my Program (not the Code-Sniped, but the Project to download) Here I Iterate all clients and read out some information. You can also geht som Usier-Info (Current logged In user for the different Clients) So try e.g. If Current logged in user <> '' Then count+1 Or you use the code-sniped and use "pClient^.GlobalData.CurrentUserName" Inside the Iteration e.g. code If...