JussiKoo - 2012-10-02

Hi all,

I need to create a new target for PLCWinNT. This is done by 3S's software MakeTarget.exe.
We are going to simulate HW module in PC laptop by running code in soft PLC, so we need to create a target that works just like the real HW.
This has worked fine until now, when we have a new 32-bit module to simulate.

Its configuration file's (.cfg) root section says that its Data Alignment is 4.
Like this:

All inputs to the MakeTarget.exe are specified in document TSP_Creating_E_V23.pdf.
But this data alignment is not mentioned in the document at all.

How should I take care of it when writing the .txt file that it takes as an input?

Target platform is:
Platform=Intel 386 compatible