Bobbypointe - 2016-02-18

Hi everrybody
I'm using a Parker PLC which is called PAC.
Inside this PLC, I insert a Profinet Slave which driver is done by Codesys 3S (as shown here)

Name: NetX PN Device
Vendor : 3S-Smart Software Solutions Gmbh
Categories: Profinet IO Device
ID: 0000 0085
Version :
I put the Xml description file in this post.

Inside the file, I have a max of 23 'devices' of 8 words limitation for the Input and Ouptut communication.
It seems that the Siemens PLC (master) has a limitation of 53 devices of 8 words each in Input / Output.

I've tried to change by hand this limitation of 23.
Communication works until 30 devices (of 8 words each).
as soon as I set 31, it is not working anymore.

Does someone knows why I have this limitation?
It seems to be a cyclic communication, do I have an acyclic channel as well?
If so how can I use it?

As it is a 3S device, I hope someone will be able to help me on this topic!

Thanks by advance!

device.xml [68.91 KiB]