Extract a memory adress from a string value


    SVAJAN - 2016-12-01


    I'm new to Codesys software and i have tried to find an answer in the earlier topics.

    In my application I'm communicating with a top system via a serial interface, the top system uses the PLC as a database to read and write data, I want to use a 4 byte ASC with the adress value e.g 0100 which i will translate to %R0.100 which is the actual adress to be written or read.

    Can I extract the string value and use it as a pointer?


  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-12-05

    no you can not make a variable, however you can use an array like arrayQ[100].

  • shooter

    shooter - 2016-12-05

    have a look at w www.oscat.de w for a library with lots of functions with pointers etc.


    SVAJAN - 2016-12-06

    Ok thanks for the reply, OSCAT seems to a goldmine to be explored.


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