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1 keypad 2 ECU's 2 Can line

  • edwin200000 - 2022-10-25


    First some information:
    I use codesys 2.3
    PLC is HY-TTC94 and IFM PLC
    Keypad: Grayhill 3K208-2RN3AG
    I use CAN open

    We have already a good working can line between IFM PLC and Grayhill keypad.
    But is it possible to have another ECU (HY-TTC94) connected to this can line?
    We need to know the signals of the keypad. So if a key is pressed or not.

    I have a EDS file of the keypad. and installed in my program under the canopen master

    I have no experience with that. So could somebody help me please?

  • kevin202020 - 2023-04-07

    Hello edwin. I have edited your diagram to show how to use multiple devices on the canbus. You can have at least 64 devices, perhaps more these days. Terminator resistors should only be at the very end of each side of the bus and each device has to have a unique node ID. Of course the baud rate should be the same on all of them as well.

    I also have the exact model Grayhill keypad and would be very interested if you could direct me where I might find the eds file?


  • edwin200000 - 2023-04-07

    Hello Kevin,

    thankyou for the word document. I will try it out.
    I have a 2 eds file with K in the file is for Keypad (wat you need)
    file With J in the file is for joystick

  • edwin200000 - 2023-04-07

    for a grayhill joystick I mean

  • kevin202020 - 2023-04-07

    Thank you so much Edwin ! I really appreciate it. The node ID's I placed on the document are just examples. Of course they can be any number you like from 0-127 with CANopen, I do believe. Just as long as they are all unique. Used to be only 0-63 with DeviceNet, which is also a protocol based on CAN, as is CANopen. The main takeaway is that there should only be two terminator resistors, one on each end of the bus.

    Let me know if I can assist further.
    Thanks again.



    Last edit: kevin202020 2023-04-07

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