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  • ewi04 - 2023-08-07

    Hi, I have several problems with the git extension.

    I am working with Codesys v3.5 SP19 Patch 1 and Git V1.2.1.0. The remote repository is GitLab Community Edition v16.1.2. I am working on a project with one other person.

    1: After each start of Codesys all of the visu pages are marked as modified. So we have to discard all changes first. Otherwise the history is not clean and the merge request becomes more complex.
    I tested it with a new project and only local. I made the observation, that a page is not marked as modified when it is committed a second time (after a restart of codesys). But this is necessary after every change of a page. However, since we are working in a team, it seems we are playing ping-pong and so all pages are marked as modified on each startup.

    2: Each image pool causes a parent child conflict. Also in my local project. The only solution that I have found, is to ignore the issue.

    Does anyone have the same problems?
    I think it looks more like bugs.



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  • stsch - 2023-08-07

    these problems are related to the Visualization Addon.

    The parent child conflict is resolved when you use Visu

  • ewi04 - 2023-08-07

    Hello stsch,

    thank you for your answer!

    Do you think this is a normal behavior or the wrong place for my issue?
    Unfortunately I have the conflict with the Visu


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  • snhatton - 2023-08-09

    I was able to duplicate this same issue with Visualization and experienced the same results as you. After saving and closing the project and then reopening, the visualization is marked as modified with an orange rectangle. However, when doing a compare, the message reveals that the two commit objects are the same. This seems like a bug and I will investigate further.

    • ewi04 - 2023-08-10

      Hello, thanks for your efforts. I am curious about your results.

    • ewi04 - 2023-08-10

      By the way, a file (Program, Function, ...) is also marked as modified if it was edited but the change was undone directly. The comparison recognizes that both objects are the same, nevertheless the status remains on modified.

  • ewi04 - 2023-08-17

    The problem (2) with the parent child conflict is resolved with Codesys V3-5 SP19 Patch 2 (Visu The other issues unfortunately not.

  • ewi04 - 2024-01-26

    The problem with the visu pages marked as modified after starting Codesys has been solved with visu Now working together is more fun!

    Notice: I had to recreate the alarm groups.


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