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Visu_BasicChecks: Different versions of library VisuElemBase are used.

  • pruwetbe - 2022-08-04

    Hello All,
    I have an home automation control system running on H1M100 PowerIO target running well for 9 month (this target is using raspberry MC SL and PowerIO has a wonderfull HVAC library).

    I developped it on V3.5 SP16 but this last weeks I have sometime some problems with OPC_UA or runtime suddendly stop.
    I decided to upgrade to V3.5 SP17 because i know the target as a runtime compatible with SP17.

    After update all library in the project and building the application I got this error message.

    [ERROR] visuelembase, (system): Visu_BasicChecks: Different versions of library VisuElemBase are used. This may lead to a wrong behaviour of the application.
    With define VISU_SUPPRESS_VERSION_CHECK this error-message can be suppressed.

    My question is simply :where (in Codesys) and how do I define VISU_SUPPRESS_VERSION_CHECK.

    Thanks for any help

  • TimvH

    TimvH - 2022-08-04

    Right click on "Application", choose Properties and go to the Tab "Build". Here you can add Compiler defines. Is this what you mean?

  • pruwetbe - 2022-08-04

    Thanks Timvh, it was the perfect answer! now build of my application is working without error.


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