trent - 2022-11-21

Hi all,
I have a raspberry pi deployed in the field which is sending MQTT data to AWS using the AWS IoT Core Client SL ( library.

For most of the time, this seems to work quite well, but occasionally, the AWSIotClient_0.eError gets a value of "2" which indicates a TCP_READ_ERROR.

I am trying to understand what makes this happen, and if there is anything I can do to mitigate, was wondering if anyone has come across this before and if so, what they did to rectify?

The occurrence of this is quite random, the pi can run for weeks without the error occurring, other times it can run for a couple of days before I see it.

The easiest way I have found to fix it so far is just to remotely reboot the Raspberry Pi, but was wondering if anyone knew an easy way to implement a fix that could just clear this error and continue communicating if it occurs in future? (Or a way to stop it happening in the first place?)