DavidCozens - 2017-01-08

For several years I have been successfully using CODESYS combined with Jenkins as part of a continuous integration system. It works very well, but there are two areas that it would be great if I could make them work in a cleaner fashion.

1) All codesys projects are kept in SVN using CODESYS SVN. To make the CI system work, jenkins monitors the repository and checks out the project using SVNKit. I do this so that Jenkins can show the comments for what has changed between builds. This checkout is then unused, and the projects are checked out again using CODESYS. Is it possible in any way to reconstruct a CODESYS project from a checkout of a project using another SVN Client? I have asked this question before and at the time it was not possible.

2) CODESYS SVN is great for showing the changes between revisions of a project, in an interactive manner. Is there any way to integrate this with jenkins at any level? The perfect solution for me would be to be able to generate a document that shows the complete set of differences between two SVN revisions of a project from the command line. I could then work out how to generate this from Jenkins.