• stiller - 2023-04-25


    I have problems with my OPC UA configuration. I'm using an interfacing model /UA/PlasticsRubber/HotRunner/ which defines:


    In the documentation of Euromap 82.2, the Zone numbers should start with Zone_1 and so on...

    In the information model view, I cannot check the box. Also, added variables in the FB do not show up in UaExpert.

    I attached a few images, and I hope you understand my problem. It would be great if someone has an idea!
    Thank you in advance!

  • stiller - 2023-04-25

    It seems the information model does not allow for new variables that are not defined with the exact name. So variables not defined in the model do not show up in the OPC UA Server.

    These are just assumptions! Does someone know more?


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