How to manage test scripts and test projects?

  • kai-sew

    kai-sew - 2018-10-10

    Hello everyone,

    i am trying to setup test infrastructure for our team.

    We will mainly implement test POUs according to the unit test library. These test POUs will be managed together with the production code in SVN.

    The question is how to manage the test scripts and testbed projects?

    After reading the documentation, it seems that they are stored locally in the so called "test repository".

    What is the standard way to manage these files? Should they also be stored in VCS and shared in the team?

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Best Regards

  • kai-sew

    kai-sew - 2018-10-11

    I checked the test repository into our git server as a workaround.

    But there is no way to see diff or do anything else other than commit.

    3S, please support GIT. It is painful with the current framework.


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