xnoop - 2024-06-19

I use Codesys 3.5 SP18 Patch 4 (64 bit)
My Codesys project is composed of several dozen of Modbus TCP Slaves.
I want to configure each of them by define :
- Modbus TCP Slave Configuration : Name, IPAddress, port
- Channels
- Mapping
I can't afford to configure manually and I need to find automatic way

What possibilities does the Codesys offer?
1. I know it possible to use python script to create Modbus TCP Master and Slave. But I don't find anyway to create Channels and Mapping through the API
2. I 've tested to set mapping with file.csv on a Modbus Tcp Slave, but no way to import channels definition from file
3. I 've tried to use PLCOpenXml file. For example I 've create a project with an Ethernet device. I've exported it in PlcOpenXml file. After delete the Ethernet device, I've imported the PlcOpenXml file without success. I've tried the same by creating Modbus TCP Slave.

Could you help me to find to good way ?