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OPC UA Server limitations, large array crashes runtime

  • janderson - 2023-08-23

    What are the limitations of the OPC UA Server?
    I am trying to get data off my PLC that is acquired at high rates (~50k samples/s) so I am storing them in arrays and trying to get the arrays off the PLC.

    When I attempt to read a ~200k element array through OPC UA the server and runtime crashes (requiring tools -> update linux arm64 -> start runtime).

    Is there a better way to get highspeed data off? The ACDatalog library seems a bit irritating to use so I would prefer to go through OPC UA.

  • janderson - 2023-08-23

    when using an array of structs, the runtime crashes. but when using an array of LREALS, it'll do 100k at least


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