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Toggle encrypted communication settings from Test Manager

  • mazahars

    mazahars - 2020-04-01

    I am trying to find a way to toggle 'Encrypted Communication' flag in Communication Settings tab of the device from Codesys test manager. I looked in script engine plugin API and tried with 'device_parameters' properties of device object, but the count returned was 0. Also tried get_device_communication_settings() of the device object, but could not find any property to set the flag. Also could not find anything suitable in test manager built-in test actions. Request your help in sorting this out.

    Mazahar S

    • mkeller

      mkeller - 2020-04-06

      Hi Mazahar S.

      With the upcoming release of CODESYS V3.5 SP16 we added a property to the device communication settings which allows a script to enable/disable the encrypted communication for a device.


      • mazahars

        mazahars - 2020-04-07

        Hi Martin,
        Thank you for the response. But the issue is that we do not have a current plan to include SP16 into our package. I understand that automation platform APIs can also be used via IronPythonScripting in TestManager to perform some of the automated actions. I found out that 'ICommunicationSettings6' interface in DeviceObject has get/set iscommunicationencrypted methods. I am not an expert in using IronPython. Hence, could you please let me know if it is possible this way and how.

        Mazahar S


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