IEC 61499

  • otdeveloper - 2024-02-08

    Hello all,

    I cannot find anything connecting IEC-61499 to CODESYS. Considering the quality of the CODESYS IEC-61131-3 implementation and that IEC-61499 expands on it, literally including as integral part, why is there no mention of CODESYS and IEC-61499 anywhere on the internet?

  • ferrim - 2024-02-09

    Hello otdeveloper,
    I am very interested in this topic.
    I have been dedicated to IEC 61499 for some time and I would like to understand if the time has come to adopt it in the real world of automation or if it will continue to fill up research papers only.

  • otdeveloper - 2024-02-09

    It is being worked on by many companies and its even-driven function blocks seem like a natural evolution of the object oriented industrial programming I have seen Gary Pratt (author of the Book of CODESYS and much more) so expertly implement and explain.

    I would expect CODESYS to have this front and center on their sights and, if they do not, I would be very interested in learning why.

  • ferrim - 2024-02-10

    IEC 61499 is probably something more complex than what you have correctly said so the prospects are interesting but we cannot ignore that it came out almost 20 years ago and has not won many hearts.

    I started to explore this world with a PLCnext controller because I love these devices based on RT Linux and Codesys is somehow usable with them but I have made little progress and I feel like inside a nutshell in the middle of the sea ;-)

    Gary's voluminous and precious book is always on my desk...


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