Where to find the OPC-UA Information Model Repository

  • Ulvis

    Ulvis - 2023-04-27

    I can not find the OPC UA Information Model Repository tool.
    My device is the CODESYS Control Win x64.
    I have (what I believe is) plain vanilla Codesys v3.5. SP18 installed.
    Also I have SBC QronoX ECS, a Codesys knock-off that is also based on, but it should be completely separate installations.
    According to Online Help one is to find the OPC Information Model Repository under toolbar menu "Tools":

    My Tools menu only shows this:

    So, am I blind?
    Also, the "CODESYS Installer" tool does not open. Maybe it is related?
    Does the CODESYS Control Win x64 not provide a OPC UA server?


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  • stiller - 2023-04-27

    Yes you are right! But I don't know how to fix your issue. Sorry!

  • Ulvis

    Ulvis - 2023-04-27

    Ah, I think I figured it out.
    I added a Command through "Customize":

    Now I find and can open the OPC UA Information Model Repository tool, allright.
    However, I get an error respons when trying to import a nodeset file for the ProfiNetEnergyMeter.
    I will have to look into whether this nodeset is the actual model to be imported or not. Maybe not....


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