Thomas233 - 2016-08-30

I want to embedd an extern file with a python script.

I used the workaround mentioned in an other thread to add an object:
-create export of an object to use it as a template.
I see in the export is only the locoation of the file stored, not its content.

But when i delete my embedded object and reimport it with the export file, the altered content of the extern file is not loaded.

It only works when i close the project and open it again, but then the file is not embedded anymore but linked.

Now i also realize that i can not update an embedded extern file without scripting. Neither with using the update function for embedded files nor with adding the altered file again.

As i can not manipulate object content (of txt files for example) nor can i import manipulated objects, what is the right way to get access to the content?