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JSON Utilities

  • jeremyshubert

    jeremyshubert - 2020-03-19

    JSONByteArrayWriter appears to add a carriage return and line feed between each each JSON element. How can this be removed?

  • koppit

    koppit - 2022-04-24

    I have run into the same issue. Zigbee2MQTT does not like newline and carrige return.
    I was hoping it was as easy as a configuration, but I can't find it.
    I have just done a pass over the string to remove unwanted whitespace.

    IF Finalize_JSON THEN
            // Remove Carrige Return and New Line from json
            WHILE 0 <> WFIND(payload.str, "$R$N") DO
                payload.str := WDELETE(payload.str, 2, WFIND(payload.str, "$R$N"));
            // Remove triple spaces
            WHILE 0 <> WFIND(payload.str, "   ") DO
                payload.str := WDELETE(payload.str, 3, WFIND(payload.str, "   "));
            Finalize_JSON := FALSE;

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