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GUID Not Valid Error When Importing Via Scripts

  • coolcat1711

    coolcat1711 - 2019-04-18


    I've been working on some scripts to export and import a CoDeSyS project. It is almost complete, but I've been having a problem importing the Task Configuration because of this, "The object GUID '7cf5a48d-6de0-43ce-9c6a-2085ee9ae7ef' is not valid." error that I get when importing one of the tasks. When I import via the ui, it imports just fine.

    What's the difference between importing via script vs using the ui? How can I emulate whatever the ui is doing to resolve these errors?

  • DBaur

    DBaur - 2020-07-07

    are there any new aspects available for this topic?

    I've got the same problem when importing PLCopenXML files within Test Manager action. The files are imported successfully, but the following action "Applikation erzeugen" FAILED.
    The "Clear Backup" action says: "Failed Exception: "Der Testfall schlug aus folgendem Grund fehl: The object GUID '42720005-f330-4b49-a024-f30112c916b8' is not valid." (_3S.CoDeSys.TestManager.Execution.TestFailedException)
    \r\n+ "The object GUID '42720005-f330-4b49-a024-f30112c916b8' is not valid." (_3S.CoDeSys.Core.Objects.InvalidObjectGuidException)"

    It all works fine when the test script is started in the CODESYS GUI.

    Seems for me to be the same problem as the original topic.

    Any ideas?


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