OPCUA Datasource, can not login...

  • vformanek - 2023-11-20

    Hello? I have a problem with datasource... I am trying to connect to a OPCUA server. I create a datasource, but I can not login into it. I need to use login credentials to login... Everything works fine in UAExpert, but in codesys I cant seem to get in properly using the login credentials... I have tried to configure the datasource initializer but seem to keep failing... Do I need to call it somewhere ? Will the find endpoints work with this configured to store my password ? !

  • PaRo - 2023-11-27

    please share your codesys ide version and the version of the communication addon.
    Do you use encrypted communication?
    Did the browsing in the ide work?
    Did you create the certificate for the client in the security screen?



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