Dynamic I/Os Mapping

  • jinlee - 2023-08-18

    Hi guys,

    Recently, I am working at the Dynamic I/Os mapping feature in Ecockpit or Codesys v3.5.

    I have been trying the libraries. However, it looks like it will not work as I wanted.

    I want to build the PLC which can detect all the I/Os itself and from there, I can do something on these channels. For example, the current setup is one digital input card, one digital output card and one analogue input card. Then, I want to add one more card into the setup e.g. one more digital input. Then, wago screen can detect this and we can assign them to tasks for example to control digital output.

    May I know is it possible ?

    Kind regards


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  • PaRo - 2023-08-18

    Hi, I assume that you have a Pfc200 G2 or something and work with the original WAGO runtime. Then I would recommend the WagoSysDynamicIoMapping. Here in the example projects there is a PDF file for the library: https://downloadcenter.wago.com/learning-material/details/ll0w3pmdunzvem83g1

    There is a global functional component in a GVL of the library. I think it's called DynKbusIoManager or something. The active terminals are registered there. Then there are filter Fb's for e.g. the first clamp with a specific article number. Everything is in the PDF.

  • jinlee - 2023-08-19

    Hi there,

    I will give it a try. Thank you very much.


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