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Error C0521 - unknow compiler

  • fefefede - 2023-09-02

    Hello, i'm a new user of Codesys and student of ST program for PLC.
    Since today for a few new projects i have two error code C0521 and i can't solve. I also just try to update device and search library but nothign resolve. How can i fix this?


  • marekxc - 2023-09-02

    Select in tree "DEVICE", right-click and select "Update Device"
    Select "Library manager" and Change the version of the Library (down manualy).
    Samoetimes "Try reload Library".
    If you open a project version 3.5.19 in version 3.5.16, there are difficulties.

    • fefefede - 2023-09-02

      Hello and thanks for reply. I not have "Libray Manager" on "Update Device". I not try to open project but i open Codesys and then create a new project and when try to generate code i have the error :/

      I notiche a strnge situation. I have two different software on my pc:

      • CODESYS V3.5 SP15 Patch 4 (with this my new program not work but can open and work with some course example);
      • CODESYS V3.5 SP19 Patch 2 (with this my custom program work)

      Wich version i must be choose? Why i have two different version?



      Last edit: fefefede 2023-09-02

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