asivakov - 2022-02-01


With over ~100 adapters i got new issues:
- if scanner have more then ~20 adapters, connected devices over ~20 gone failed with error about buffer size, so now I have 5 scanners with 20 adapters each;
- with such number of adapters, time by time got connection timed out. The only way for now is to change timeout value on each adapter, so I want to assign a single parameter somewhere.
- with changing IP addresses of adapters they are hunging-up with error 100 (Duplicate Forward Open), but it happens only if connection was established on this adapter before, so restart of runtime helps.

I was looking for some parameters to be changed, and I found some properties:
- but nothing about what are they affecting on.

So here the question: anybody know the better way to fix this issues?

P.S. found very useful paper (EthernetIP Connection Status Messages), check it if you need to